Isao Artigas & Valmont

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One Day, like Valmont, Isao fell in love with a butterfly.
Isao was born in 1965 in Barcelona. He lived and studied in Paris until 1992, at which point he permanently stationed himself in Catalonia (Spain). In 1983, he left for Japan to discover his roots and to study Japanese calligraphy. When he returned to Paris he left the University and devoted his time exclusively to painting. From 1985 to 2012, Isao participated with numerous individual and collaborated expositions in France, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Hong Kong, Germany…
In 2006, he began a close collaboration with the Valmont brand . Isao is an Artist whose influence is both from the East and from the West, between the Japanese aesthetic and graphic design ; he develops a series until he has exhausted every possibility.
An exercise of synthesis and refining design, reflecting on the basic structures and compositions; Painting, Sculpture, rugs, Illustration, Books, Animations, films
Isao, a nest of cultures, creates unclassifiable and original works of art.